Chapter & CLub

C&C is a niche social networking platform aiming to connect writers with each other so they can exchange feedback and elevate their craft.

Role: Founder, Product Lead

Duration: Since winter 2022

Technologies: NodeJS, NextJS/React, GraphQL

Chapter & Club Preview

Story & Demo

C&C began as a project to create a digital publishing platform for writers which allowed them to monetize their work while retaining their rights. However, while speaking to creatives in the community and validating this concept, I stumbled across a social media post in which a writer expressed difficulty finding "writing buddies". After noticing countless likes and comments sharing this sentiment, I realized this was a problem greatly affecting the community and decided to change the direction of the project.

The earliest version of our new MVP was a Google Doc link pinned in a group chat server. I was manually matching writers with compatible buddies based on what they enjoyed reading and writing. As this process became more difficult to manage, I created a web app to automate the process and began onboarding writers.

As I continued to validate and test the new web app, I discovered from feedback that crucial needs of writers were not being met, and a key paint point was friction across the buddy-matching and feedback exchange process. In an attempt to reduce this friction, C&C built and in-app group chat and collaboration feature to simplify the process and measure solution effectiveness. This version of the app is currently preparing for beta-testing.


C&C was the first time I oversaw the development and maintainnence of a production app without the support of a team. The process emphasized the importance of speaking directly with customers, implementing their feedback, and helped me develop techniques to do so. During the process, I experienced setting up a platform and building a community from ground-zero. If I had a chance to repeat the entire process, I would spend more time validating product assumptions, be more intentional with UX flows, and take more time to carefully curate the community's early network. I made mistakes, learned from them, and I'm excited to use my new knowledge to grow and improve the community.