Jelly Do

A simple to-do list app that experiments with animation and CSS visuals.

Role: Full-stack developer, Designer

Duration: 2018

Technologies: React, NodeJS

Jelly Do App

Context & Goals

Jelly Do was built as an internship/interview project for BubbleIQ. The app had to support task creation and modification. As I built the full-stack MERN site, I wanted to experiment with the way code could be used to create attractive animations and visual designs. I opted for a jelly/bubble theme to appeal to the company's brand and smooth, slow animations to create a relaxing/productive site atmosphere.


Previously, I relied heavily on images to implement many of my designs. During the experiment, I was amazed by the way I could use simple CSS and JS to manipulate/create graphics. I plan to make use of these capabilities in my future work as they are often sleek, time-efficient, and easily modifiable.