Sarea is a digital replacement for business cards. This events-centric networking app lets you create events, RSVP to events, and request contact information from attendees.

Role: Developer and designer

Duration: Fall 2019

Technologies: React

Sarea business card app previews: Event and RSVP pages

See the Sarea preview:
Note: This video has narration

Sarea's concept was born during a college scholarship dinner. Another guest discussed the utility of paper business cards and the shortcomings of existing virtual networking apps. At the time, I was brainstorming ideas for my Data Structures final project and thought it would be a fun challenge to incorporate data structures into a networking app project.

I decided to create a demo/sandbox for a potential digital business card app using stacks and queues. The sandbox uses React state to temporaily store data in the data structures. This data reverts to a pre-defined initial state on hard refresh.