Sun Slayer

"I see the other students have beat you again..."

"Why must it be the palace, Sorreyu? Must you sacrifice everything for your revenge? Your life itself?"

"I cannot live otherwise, Hyuse. How could I believe in justice or even bear the sight of my own reflection? I have not yet done everthing I can to uncover the truth... to protect my convictions."

"Perhaps I once had other... dreams. But they died with my family, my home, with the world I thought I knew."

"Surely, Hyuse... there must be something you live for. Something worth as much as your life itself."

"Something worth as much as my life itself... Dreams? Morals? Convictions? Ambition?"

"What is something I would die for? I feel I should have an answer to that question... but I don't."

"I say we do it."

"This may be our last chance to rid ourselves of Sorreyu before he really becomes a problem."

"Ha! The orphaned cripple thinks he can mooch off Faerin's nobility? Ha!"

"Fire! Fire! Move aside!"

"You must be my father's secret messenger."

"I left an urgent package from Lord Aihan earlier this evening. His Excellency stressed that it reach your hands quickly."

"A package? This evening? No... something's not quite right..."

"There's nothing here..."

"I had the audacity, Aikyung, to think an education would make you less illiterate."

"If you came to ask me how to read words, return to the Royal Academy at once. Do not trouble me further."

"Father, the words you speak of never reached me to begin with."

"So you're telling me, Aikyung, that you idiots framed the murder of some miserly creature as a suicide... and burned down half your school in the process?"

"Since the incident, hardly anyone has been allowed to enter or leave. Everyone and everything's been searched. And still, this letter which could have us beheaded is nowhere to be seen."

"Has it not occured to you, Aikyung, that it might have something to do with the fact that we haven't found half this Sorreyu's corpse?"

"Take some men and search - first the rest of the capital, then his hometown. Turn all of Faerin upside down if you must. If you find anyone with any knowledge of that package..."

"Kill them."

"If this amulet belongs to the Minister of the Military, he knows where the missing prince is. He's asking his son to bring his personal troops there... and he's keeping this from the King?"

"It's only a matter of time before Lord Aihan sends someone after our heads. This is treason."

"This may also be our path to the palace."

Whether you live by the careful schemes of your mind or the fire of wild emotion

All the world may pay the price.